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For Donors

To further develop our unique fusion between scientific research and clinical care, we need your help. Donations to the center will fund the development of facilities that enable scientific research and clinical care, including renovations of existing infrastructure, acquisition of new equipment (e.g., EEG system, bio-bank facilities), and funding for critical staff and personnel. 

Your donations will help us to continue and develop the following:

  1. Comprehensive diagnostic and follow-up clinical services.

  2. Support, education, and information for parents and caregivers.

  3. Integrated research facilities for performing basic and clinical autism research within the clinical facilities.

  4. Infrastructure for developing new interventions and technological aids.

  5. Training programs for clinicians and researchers from multiple disciplines.

The construction of a new building is part of the center’s planned development. The new facility will contain integrated diagnosis, treatment, and research rooms that will provide 360° solutions to the needs of the children and their families while accessing the research easily and efficiently.

If you would like to learn more about additional donor opportunities, please contact us at:

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